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Turner Aviation Limited

We are an independent, MRO service provider for aviation accessories on fixed and rotary wing app...

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Tyee Aircraft

Tyee is a leader in the design, test and manufacture of flight control rods, interior payload sup...

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Ultra Electronics

Ultra Electronics is a group of specialist businesses offering a through-life product and service...

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Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical Systems

Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems provides a broad portfolio of affordable real-time t...

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Ultra Electronics Communication & Integrated Systems

Ultra Electronics, Communication & Integrated Systems offers products, systems and capabilities t...

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Ultra Electronics Controls

Ultra Electronics, Controls specialises in delivering high integrity, safety critical control sys...

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Ultra Electronics Electrics

Ultra Electronics, Electrics provides safety critical electronic products that range from Human M...

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Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems

Ultra Electronics, Flightline Systems has a broad portfolio that includes: software-defined telem...

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Ultra Electronics Precision Air Systems

Ultra Electronics, Precision Air Systems is a leading provider of specialist pneumatic systems, i...

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United Enterprise Group Limited


A global leader in supplying aircraft spare parts on commercial and military.


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