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Location: East Brunswick,
Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Our approach is unbiased, vendor agnostic, fearless and competitive. Doing the right thing at the right time the right way provides you with the peace of mind that is usually lacking from most other consulting companies. Those companies typically form cooperation's with various vendors or service providers all aimed at getting you the best price, but not necessarily the best solution.

Recognizing the need for industry thought leadership, we have put together a few of the worlds brightest minds, talents and industry specialists to bring you innovative, cost effective solutions designed to eliminate your implementation headaches while focusing on managing your ongoing operational expenses.

Outside of Coriolis Partners, it would be impossible to hire the kind of talent Coriolis Partners brings to each engagement. A team of industry professionals, proficient in technology application, with a keen sense of business obligations to meet budgetary demands and operational prowess. Our team includes, the highest executive level managers, project managers and engineers with deep industry knowledge including, but not limited to, the following fields; IT, business management, human resources, marketing, product & business strategy, banking and finance, event planning, vendor management, relationship management, risk mitigation, disaster recovery, business continuity, transformation and transition services, social media, airline, car, hotel, cruise and leisure services.

Our deep domain skills allow us to quickly identify and implement solutions for challenges at any level. We offer a highly innovative and technology forward culture that expresses itself through thought processes and complete designed solutions that are leading edge, meeting the requirements of non-regulated and heavily regulated industries. By thoroughly analyzing your opportunities, we can generate solutions that make hitting the bulls-eye your constant norm. Leveraging C-level global relationships we can offer many advantages to our client/customers, including; innovative tactics, road maps and insight with the most cost effective methodology.

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