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Location: Solihull, United Kingdom

Aircraft Technical Consultants

The company and its owner Mr. Halldor Hrafnsson offer service and support of value and benefit to the customer during re-deliveries and deliveries of leased aircraft to their owners in delivering to operators. Concentrated efforts helping engineering departments are offered in compiling all delivery documentation by sorting aircraft historical records and retrieving relevant information from historical records and the operators computer system.

Experience gained over the years and the ability to adapt to the operators systems along with general knowledge of the industry helps by contributing the same to the operators organisation.

This allows the organisation to handle much larger work loads than they are normally manned for, in turn this ability has allowed for smooth deliveries or re deliveries of customer aircraft.

Scanning of aircraft records and placing on a server along with categorising all the scanned material allows for quick searching and sharing over the web.

Since the 80s a variety of tasks including: aircraft, engine, project management, - aircraft surveys and inspections, - project, inspection reports and audits have been undertaken along with budget and cost planning.

Various other operational tasks have been performed on behalf of Airlines such as Line maintenance management, Technical management, CAME. MOE, ARC, post holder form 4 and manpower provision.

Valid engineering licences EASA B1 B2 and FAA A and P help in technical representation.

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