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Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas United States

585 - ERP Developed by Manufacturing for Manufacturing

1.Helps maintain DCAA compliance. If not already in DCAA compliance, 585 helps to come into compliance.
2.Helps maintain certifications for AS 9100, ISO, IEC, FDA, etc.
3.Ideal for First Article Inspection (FAI).
4.With a push of a button you can see upward and downward genealogy on parts, materials, etc.
5.History and traceability. Allows for greater level of detail that is needed for defense and aerospace.
6.Built from the ground up for Aerospace manufacturing.

Ability 585 ERP is committed to providing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that will exceed the expectations of your organization and provide the accountability to be successful in today's economic climate. To meet the core manufacturing need of traceability, 585 is designed as a system that supports certification maintenance along with a clear understanding of the actual costs of production. Ability's 585 development has resulted in the functionality that supports today's lean environment resulting in better margins, cost reductions, process efficiencies and improvements in working capital. The Ability 585 software has modules to include: MRP, Project Planning, Scheduling, Orders, Accounting, Shop Floor, Etc. 585 brings tailored information technology to companies at an affordable cost, with a pay structure that is unique in today's software environment.

Phone: 479-521-7527       Website: www.ability585.com

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