Spectrum Antenna

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Location: Cochin, India

Spectrum Antenna provides unique solutions for a broad range of needs with antenna and systems for airborne applications. Spectrum could act as a design & manufacturing hub for standard & customized products. Our products and services could play a vital role in the future of airborne industry. These capabilities and our technological excellence, supported by continued research and development has been the keystone of growth that enable us to develop a wide-range of quality products and solutions which will meet the ever-growing customers' demands globally, thereby providing a unique competitive advantage . We consider ourselves a "value-added" supplier who could enhance your business with cutting edge technology products. Our services span over communication, homing, navigation, identification, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance antenna solutions with broad band monopole & dipole blade antennas along with IFF, TACAN, VOR/ILS, MARKER, SATCOM, TELEMETRY & RAM antennas.

Phone: 04842114949       Website: spectrumantennas.com

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