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Location: Amman -Jordan, Ohio Jordan

About us (who are we)

We are an experienced and professional team who come from various military and civilian Aviation backgrounds .Our experience is extensive and vast in the governmental , civilian , local and international aviation fields . We combined our efforts in order to provide our
worldwide customers with professional universal flight solutions and consultations.

Our customers :

Heads of states Air planes , royal and executive travelers , troops transport and deployment , goods shippers, Air forces that need either to be
established or modernized , providing Aircraft spares and logistics support , International and domestic Airlines, people who need Air Ambulance , agencies who need search and rescue
missions, Air photographing ,VVIP Vertical tours in the world and Aircraft appraising and status evaluation .

Fields of work

I- Heads� of states, Royal passengers , VVIP / executive and troops charter transportation services arrangement.

It is well known that certain type of passengers needs to receive luxurious and high quality of on board service , be on time at the required destination and arrive safely . Heads of states flight and protocols arrangements are very well recognized . Our team is very well aware and has a vast experience in meeting these requirements by hiring the most appropriate experienced pilots, flight attendants, protocol expertise, engineers and selecting Air planes that are maintained in accordance with the international and manufacturers� regulations.
2- Aviation parts sales marketing , supply chain management ,materials and logistics support consultations .

Our professional team is able to facilitate the supply of Aircraft and related installed systems� with spares and logistics support , technical and operational support , related technical and operational training , local and international freight forwarding ,Inventory and spares warehousing,
perform future support planning , spares provisioning , ground support equipment support and refurbishment ,management and planning issues that belong to the Aircraft fleet .

3-Foreign military sales (FMS cases ) and agreements consultants .

Members of our team worked professionally on site with host foreign governments as senior foreign liaison officers (FLO) , they were handling and supervising the technical, managerial ,logistics ,supply and financial issues related to their mother countries , including the foreign military fund (FMF) , monitoring security assistance programs ,foreign military sales ( FMS ) and commercial cases (contracts , technical assistant agreement (TAA) , memorandum of understanding (MOU) , Basic order agreements (BOA) related to the customer�s country program . They were dealing with multi nationality representatives from all over the world including UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, Portugal , Norway ,the Netherlands , Denmark , Belgium Turkey , Egypt, Saudi Arabia , Bahrain ,Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil , Argentina , and Chili .

4- Aircraft / Helicopter maintenance , VVIP modifications installations, and refurbishment management solutions.

Maintaining the Aircraft up to the highest international standards and upmost protected , supervising installation of the VVIP configuration on the VVIP and head of states Aircraft , VVIP Aircraft interiors refurbishment , Aircraft survivability Equipments (ASE) , Aircraft modernization , updates and high technology systems installation and upgrades.

5- Quality Assurance, Audits, flight and ground safety solutions

Our team members are able to provide the customers with effective consultations needed to comply with EASA /FAA regulations , Local civil aviation authorities regulations , and certifications for registering, maintaining and operating the Air planes in the civilian entity.

6-Aircraft maintenance infrastructure requirements consultants.
The requirements for establishing Aircraft and power plant maintenance facility, and identifying the infrastructure requirements are within the core of our team members� capabilities.

7-Aircraft / Helicopter Technical training consultants.

Consultation in Identifying the technical and operation training requirements with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the certified training centers , arranging on site and outside training including ground school , specialized training , qualifying training , currency training , continuation and hands on training .

8- Aircraft lease , purchase and sales .

Arranging the issues of Aircraft wet lease , ACMI lease, Damp lease, dry lease or / and lease to purchase requirements , and identifying the
contract elements to be fulfilled legally between the seller and the purchaser .

9- Medevac Air Ambulance , Search and rescue .

Our medevac Air ambulance will be ready on call 24/7 to carry the patients to the hospitals and health care centers . Needed medical equipment and
medical staff on board are capable of handling the emergency cases professionally from the moment of transferring to the moment of arriving at the medical centers . Search and rescue teams and capabilities are available .


10 - VVIP helicopter tours and transport services arrangements .

We arrange vertical tours via helicopters for the VVIP and business people who do not have time or do not like to travel on roads , and those who would like to see most of the extraordinary and magic tourist places , fly Sight-seeing tours in country safely in a very limited time.

Phone: (937) 732-4422       Website: www.ufsigroup.com

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