Shoghi Communications Ltd

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Location: Shimla, India

Shoghi communications, a defense technology company supply strategic electronic security systems, Surveillance, Communication intelligence, cryptography and network security systems for aerospace and defense industry.

Focused on Defense Technology, Shoghi delivers and supports a wide range of systems and solutions. Shoghi being an OEM Solutions provider can provide customized solutions as per the customer requirement.
# Shoghi's engineers provide end-to-end onsite system installation and integration to our customers.
# Shoghi provides Comprehensive Onsite Maintenance services to its customers.
# Shoghi provides extensive onsite and factory training to its customers to attain the inadept understanding of the procured solution.
# Shoghi invests continuously in product research and development, the design of new protocol developments and provide timely updates and software upgrades to our customers to keep in sync with the latest communication and signal schemes.
# Shoghi has a team of experienced technical resources who are committed to providing online or Onsite technical support for our systems.
# Due to established processes and utilization of COTS technology, Shoghi provides very competitive pricing for our systems and services in comparison to other system providers.

Main Products Categories: -
# Intelligence | Surveillance | Reconnaissance
# Communications Intelligence
# Electronic Warfare
# Avionics
# Surveillance Radar
# Satellite Imaging
# Cyber Warfare

Phone: +91-177 2860630       Website:

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